Sprout coleslaw recipe with cranberries and pecans

Raw salads are a welcome change after Christmas. This brussels sprout coleslaw is perfect for using up left over ingredients you may have in the fridge.

It’s the tail end of the Christmas bag of sprouts and although I will certainly buy more during the winter, I feel I ought to do something interesting with the six lonely ones left.

This brussels sprout coleslaw was inspired by a leftovers suggestion in this month’s Delicious magazine. Assembling this from memory the ingredients are completely different apart from the thinly sliced raw sprouts and horseradish factor.

I must admit I’ve spent most of my days being very basic with sprout serving suggestions but my attitude towards them was changed after I read Jeanne’s suggestion to stir fry them on Cook Sister maybe last year. I never imagined I’d try them raw though!

I had no expectation that Ted would want to eat this however he was enthusiastic to help mix the ingredients and even ate a tablespoon of it with his dinner. Raw sprouts and horseradish for a five year old! I’m impressed!!  It is the first time he’s eaten coleslaw never sprout coleslaw (although he likes cooked sprouts). Like most kids helping with cooking, Ted is more motivated to eat stuff he’s helped to make.

Variation ideas for brussels sprout coleslaw recipe

Obviously the brussels sprouts are the point in a sprout coleslaw but you can substitute other ingredients:

  • Dates instead of dried cranberries
  • Walnuts instead of pecans
  • Chestnuts instead of mushroom

This brussels sprout coleslaw recipe is going to this month’s Christmas leftovers themed No Croutons Required veggie soups and salads organised by Jacc and Lisa.



3 comments to Sprout coleslaw recipe with cranberries and pecans

  • What a whacky idea but not so very strange as sprouts are after all mini cabbages. It’s lovely to see you have a new food as opposed to cake blog and I must have some weird empathy with you as I’d been thinking recently that you must be able to do more than cakes but the name of your site limited you to only do them – then I stumble across you in my Twitter followers and you’ve done this – spooky! Anyway all the best with this new exciting venture:-)

    • crayonsadmin

      That’s funny! I definitely have more to me than cake – I actually have plans for two other blogs but it’s matter of sitting and writing content.

  • Love it! Thanks so much for submitting this to NCR.

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