Quick-a-leekie easy leek and potato soup!

Leek and potato soup - 10-imp

We like our little family rituals and soup on Saturday is one of them. I like nothing more than sending Nick and Ted off to the playground to practise bike riding, have the house to myself for a bit and knock together some homemade soup using up bits and pieces left in the fridge – before the inevitable weekly shop.


This particular week we were having leek and potato soup.


I bought these leeks seemingly cheaply since they were so huge but frustratingly once you’ve trimmed them and got rid of dirty bits, honestly I might have been better off buying the trimmed ones in the first place.



Boiling the potatoes.


I seem to have missed out photographing the step where I fried the leeks in olive oil so imagine these are cooked leeks going in here – a blend of cooked leek, cooked potato, a little cream and topped up with vegetable stock.


Blended until smooth – or left with “bits” if you like that – my six year old and husband both tend to complain.


A final touch – some home made croutons cut from leftover bread. Toasted on a low heat in scant coating of olive oil.


Leek and potato soup

Serves 3-4
1 tbsp olive oil
2-3 large leeks, cleaned and chopped into 1 inch rings
4 small potatoes
1 vegetable stock pot in 600ml boiling water
75ml reduced fat single cream
1. Heat the olive oil in a large saucepan and fry the leeks until softened.
2. Meanwhile boil the potatoes in another saucepan and drain when cooked.
3. Pour the vegetable stock and potatoes in with the leeks and add the cream.
4. Heat through and blend to desired consistency with a stick blender.
5. Serve immediately garnished with croutons.

no+croutons+required.jpg  Simple and in Season

This leek and potato soup is my entry to January’s No Croutons Required hosted by Jac and Lisa. There is no theme this month to encourage lots of lovely entries. I’m also sending this to Ren’s Simple and in Season which has returned after a hiatus!

Extra Veg Badge 201311230959.jpg


And as if that wasn’t enough I’m also sending it to Credit Crunch Munch and Helen & Michelle’s new Extra Veg event.


Aaaand Tasty and Inexpensive Feel Good Food at Kick at the Pantry Door, Four Seasons Food run by Louisa and Anneli

ShopLocal.jpg January

And last but not least, the healthly themed One Ingredient run by my friends Laura and Nazima and Shop Local at Elizabeth’s Diary (these were organic farmers’ market leeks and reduced fat cream no less).


Leek and potato soup - 10-imp

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