Back to school garlic mashed potatoes

“We’ve got the dark nights again” as my Grandma used to say.

Despite 30c temperatures late last week probably most of us have had a taste of autumn over the weekend; coats are being donned for school once more.

A nip in the air is as good as excuse as any for some [Read on…]

Boursin beef baguette

Bashing the hell out of a lump of meat is always a fun task. Ted came running downstairs to see what all the noise was about.

You can make a couple of flash fry steaks go a long way if you cut them into strips for sandwiches. I stretched two of these steaks into [Read on…]

Left over beef bolognaise #nowastefoodchallenge #creditcrunchmunch

Using minced beef in pasta sauce is a staple dish for many of us – but there’s no need to limit yourself making minced beef dishes with packs of ready minced beef.

I had two cooked flash fry steaks left over plus one cold lonely beef burger off the barbecue.  

Come supper time I [Read on…]

Speedy supper: tenderest chicken in pesto and Boursin

Dead easy, tenderest juiciest way to cook chicken in under 30 minutes.

Did you ever bake a chicken breast in nothing more than curry paste and yogurt?

The results out of the casserole dish aren’t visually pleasing but I promise you tender tender chicken guaranteed with very little effort indeed.

So I wondered how [Read on…]

Stuffed peppers with black eyed bean chilli and toasted almonds

I’ve never stuffed a pepper in my life so I figure if I’m going to do it I ought to make six at once.

I think I’m a convert. After all, it only takes a quick lop off of the tops and a scooping out of the seeds and you’ve an instant casing for [Read on…]

The best way to cook in a caravan

I’ve categorised this post as “eating in” but arguably it should be “eating out”!

Take one box of store cupboard items that are versatile enough to be used a few ways each; mustard, mayonnaise, cocoa, peanut butter, honey, marmite, ketchup.

Between all of these you have various choices what to put on bread or [Read on…]

Speedy supper: ciabatta pizza with salami and chilli pesto

I paired these two ingredients last week in my cichette Venetian style appetisers. Since I had a fair bit of each ingredient left they resurfaced in last night’s supper, a speedy tray of ciabatta mini pizzas.

Ciabatta keeps for a good week unopened in the fridge. I often buy a loaf if [Read on…]

Huevos rancheros with Gran Luchito

I foxed my husband on Saturday. He said “what’s for lunch” and I replied in an enthusiastic faux Spanish accent, huevos rancheros.

My husband doesn’t speak Spanish, nor for that matter do I.

[Read on…]

Restaurant Review: Bush Hall Dining Rooms

Review previously published as Back to the Bush at Maison Cupcake

Deepest darkest Shepherds Bush will always have a place in my heart: we lived there for eight happy years. Our returning there from Walthamstow is rare. So an invitation to review Bush Hall Dining Rooms was an ideal opportunity to [Read on…]

Cooling down with hot guacamole

Cooling down with hot guacamole…. Bought guacamole can be a lacklustre experience, whereas I’ll accept shop bought hummus (my own is better if available) I really can’t stick shop bought guacamole.

The slightest tinge of grey from the avocado really turns me off so only fresh will do. Finding avocados just how I like [Read on…]