Padron peppers… oh how I love thee

padron peppers

I ate these at a blog event recently although I’ve been racking my brains which one it was. Then I spent a weekend with Helen who served them as an appetiser. They’re kind of addictive.

If you’ve never heard of padrun peppers then I urge you to seek them out, they’re currently around £1.99 a bag in Waitrose although I’ve heard reports of Sainsbury’s stocking them too.

They’re barely bigger than hot chilli peppers and their preparation merely requires a quick stir fry in olive oil and a sprinkling of sea salt.

Padrun peppers are mildly hot although now and again you get one that blows your head off. They’re the culinary equivalent of Russian Roulette.

The packs from Waitrose claim that around 1 in 30 has a kick although I’d say it’s closer to 1 in 10.

Maybe don’t feed them to the kids just incase they take a bite of rocket fuel but they’re marvellous as an appetiser when you’ve got friends round.

I cooked them for my parents in law the other weekend. They like growing green peppers in Serbia and my father in law isn’t averse to hot chilli so I thought these would amuse him.

Now I’m keeping my fingers crossed we’ll get them imported all the year round rather than them being a seasonal flash in the pan. Or maybe I’d appreciate them more if they were seasonal. Probably that’s preferable. But please please don’t let the season be too short.

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