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Left over beef bolognaise - 5

Using minced beef in pasta sauce is a staple dish for many of us – but there’s no need to limit yourself making minced beef dishes with packs of ready minced beef.

I had two cooked flash fry steaks left over plus one cold lonely beef burger off the barbecue.  

Come supper time I chucked the lot into the Magimix and blitz blitz had cooked ground beef ready the throw into the dinner.

It’s fairly pointless blogging a bolognaise sauce – this post is really about using up cold cooked beef so I won’t go into huge detail.

Just soften an onion in olive oil, add some tomatoes and garlic.

If I’m making minced beef in a large enough quantity I tend to keep the first batch for pasta (or a cottage pie if using stock rather than tomato) then spice up the second half in a chilli. Since this was just using up left overs I was a little sad not to have enough to do this!

With a sprinkle of cheese and few torn bits off the long suffering basil plant it was another speedy supper.

How do you use left over beef?

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