Fish Finger Sandwich with Mushy Pea Pesto

Fish Finger Sandwich with Mushy Pea Pesto by #familyfood #sandwiches #fishfingers

Fish fingers are usually such cliched kids’ food. Some fish fingers are truly suspect with mushy white stuff that bears more resemblance to mashed potato than fish.

Recently though I had opportunity to try these monster fish fingers from the newly revamped Tesco Finest range.

“You’re feeding them those on a play date?” said my husband, “Bit glam aren’t they?”

Larger than your average fish finger and visibly made from whole strips of fish, I don’t think I’ll look at fish fingers in the same way again.

Also in the range were petit pois which I whizzed up into glam mushy peas with the addition of some home made pesto lurking in the freezer.

Put it altogether with a couple of slices of home baked white bread and the humble fish finger is turned into a mighty feast worthy of any gastro pub lunch menu.

When did you last eat fish fingers? Are you fish finger phobic?!

IMG_2511.JPG IMG_2398.JPG

With thanks to Tesco for sample Finest products. Say hi to them on Twitter @Tescofood or hashtag #LoveEveryMouthful
With thanks also to Buy It Direct for their hand blender which I’m still yet to test the whisk or mini chopper functions.

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