Credit Crunch Munch November

Credit Crunch Munch is one the events I’ve taken part in most from Dinner With Crayons so it seems appropriate it’s my first event I’ve guest hosted here.

If you’re not familiar with it, it’s all about sharing how you can spend less or save money whilst still enjoying great food. Things to enter [Read on…]

Fish Finger Sandwich with Mushy Pea Pesto

Fish fingers are usually such cliched kids’ food. Some fish fingers are truly suspect with mushy white stuff that bears more resemblance to mashed potato than fish.

Recently though I had opportunity to try these monster fish fingers from the newly revamped Tesco Finest range.

“You’re feeding them those on a play date?” said [Read on…]

Spicy Lentils a la Mighty Spice Express

Beans and pulses are the foundation of low cost healthy food but try as I might, I can’t get my six year old to eat them.

He does however have a penchant for curried stuff therefore I thought I might be in with a chance with this Mighty Spice Express Moroccan lentils recipe.

I’d [Read on…]

Fridge Bottom Soup using up left overs #NoCroutonsRequired #CreditCrunchMunch #ShopLocal

Saturday lunch so often means soup in our house. Prior to every supermarket trip I’ll do a sweep of the fridge bottom drawers and see what can be used up in a soup for lunch or maybe a curry that night.

Leaving a nice clear space for the fresh new ingredients I’m about to [Read on…]

Blue cheese dauphinoise

Now I never claim to be an expert. And I never claim to triple test things unless I have. Today I didn’t.

This blog is all about what we had for dinner and what you see is what you get.

I have waxed lyrical about canned dauphinoise potatoes from French supermarkets.

Today [Read on…]

Creamy mushroom and pepper soup #NoCroutonsRequired

It’s definitely that time of year again, after a summer of salads, soup is firmly back on the menu. My six year old even asked for some for his supper.

Normally I consider soup a weekend lunch type of thing, I quite often make soups on Saturdays.

We are coming to the [Read on…]

Pasta bake saved my life last Thursday

It’s been a while since I bought jars of sauce.

I used to use them quite a bit when I worked full time but since becoming a more confident cook I’ve been less reliant on them.

Possibly no longer having the incentive to save glass jars stopped me buying them. The cellar shelves were [Read on…]

Old school style cheese and potato pie and why the world just went a bit rubbish after 1990

How I loved school dinners. Before they were privatised that is.

Old style school dinners, before they started serving food on prison style plastic moulded trays.

I believe kids are more likely to eat proper meals when they’re served on proper plates.

It disgusted me when in around 1990, Walsall’s local education authority contracted [Read on…]

Farro di cocco and mozzarella salad

Show me something in the supermarket I’ve not seen or heard of before and I’m a sucker to try it.

Farro di cocco would appear to be an Italian spelt grain that I spotted in Waitrose’s dried nuts/seeds/grains/fruit section.

To be honest this dish turned out somewhat different to anticipated; I wasn’t sure how [Read on…]

Back to school garlic mashed potatoes

“We’ve got the dark nights again” as my Grandma used to say.

Despite 30c temperatures late last week probably most of us have had a taste of autumn over the weekend; coats are being donned for school once more.

A nip in the air is as good as excuse as any for some [Read on…]