Back to school garlic mashed potatoes


“We’ve got the dark nights again” as my Grandma used to say.

Despite 30c temperatures late last week probably most of us have had a taste of autumn over the weekend; coats are being donned for school once more.


A nip in the air is as good as excuse as any for some rib sticking comfort food. Armed with fluffy spuds and garlicky Boursin I whipped up the first mashed potatoes I could remember having in ages.

It’s hard to recall now but for a good six weeks this summer I couldn’t bear to light the gas hob never mind the oven.

So mashed potatoes were definitely off the menu and although I’m not glad to see the warm weather go, I do rather like the return of comfort food.

Easy peasy garlic mashed potatoes: mash potatoes with half a pack of Boursin garlic and herbs cheese and a glug of smooth olive oil. My variety today was an extra virgin variety from Crete. A sneaky pinch of salt flakes and a grinding of pepper and you’re good to go.

Are you ready to serve comfort food again?

IMG_2326.JPG olive-oil.JPG

With thanks to Sainsbury’s for samples of Taste the Difference mashing potatoes. I found they mashed incredibly easily. If a recipe calls for a “floury texture” potato then this is your spud. I warn you though, they soak up lots of butter and some of them were so tiny they were fiddly to peel. The ones in my bag were grown in the UK. Say hi to Sainsbury’s on Twitter @sainsburys

With thanks also to Candiasoil for samples of “Oi1 Peza” Cretian olive oil sold in these attractive tins which also protect the oil’s flavour being damaged by sunlight. Crete lays claim to having cultivated the first olives as far back as 3500BC. Oi1 Peza and Oi1 Viannos Cretian olive oils are due to be sold in Tesco this autumn, priced £6.35 for 500ml. Also ongoing thanks to Boursin for cream cheese.


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