Fish Finger Sandwich with Mushy Pea Pesto

Fish fingers are usually such cliched kids’ food. Some fish fingers are truly suspect with mushy white stuff that bears more resemblance to mashed potato than fish.

Recently though I had opportunity to try these monster fish fingers from the newly revamped Tesco Finest range.

“You’re feeding them those on a play date?” said [Read on…]

Spicy Lentils a la Mighty Spice Express

Beans and pulses are the foundation of low cost healthy food but try as I might, I can’t get my six year old to eat them.

He does however have a penchant for curried stuff therefore I thought I might be in with a chance with this Mighty Spice Express Moroccan lentils recipe.

I’d [Read on…]

Fridge Bottom Soup using up left overs #NoCroutonsRequired #CreditCrunchMunch #ShopLocal

Saturday lunch so often means soup in our house. Prior to every supermarket trip I’ll do a sweep of the fridge bottom drawers and see what can be used up in a soup for lunch or maybe a curry that night.

Leaving a nice clear space for the fresh new ingredients I’m about to [Read on…]