Dill and rapeseed mayonnaise

This may surprise some people but I had never made my own mayonnaise before.

I wasn’t scared or put off by tales of splitting, I just hadn’t got around to it.

So I waited specifically for when I wanted some mayonnaise and didn’t have any conceivable alternatives in the fridge.

I used one beater [Read on…]

Chargrilled courgette salad with feta and chilli

Food with stripes is always more fun with my @lecreusetUK a reliable means to scorch stripes into steaks, peppers and today, courgettes.

Yes it takes some time, yes it takes some babysitting but honestly the flavour from chargrilled courgettes cannot be matched by cooking them any other way. I once bought some ready made [Read on…]

Piedmont peppers

Delia didn’t invent them but I always associate piedmont peppers with her Summer Collection.

They’re almost a serving suggestion rather than a recipe – roast peppers filled with tomato, olive and anchovy. Usually my anchovies are artfully criss crossed fillets, these ones today were crumbled chunks of Belle Ile whole anchovies from one of [Read on…]

Almost instant garlic and herb tortilla

We had potatoes left over from a potato salad I’ve not blogged yet and it was time for Ted’s tea. For a speedy supper for one six year old I fried left over potato slices in butter and when they were nice and crispy I added two beaten eggs and some cubes of Boursin [Read on…]

Cichette Venetian style appetisers with salami and chilli

Last month I visited Venice for my 40th birthday and one of the things I was eager to try was cichette style appetisers in a Venetian bar.

I will publish a Maison Cupcake post with the various Venetian dishes we tried but here is something I reproduced myself at home having been inspired during [Read on…]