Stuffed peppers with black eyed bean chilli and toasted almonds

I’ve never stuffed a pepper in my life so I figure if I’m going to do it I ought to make six at once.

I think I’m a convert. After all, it only takes a quick lop off of the tops and a scooping out of the seeds and you’ve an instant casing for [Read on…]

The best way to cook in a caravan

I’ve categorised this post as “eating in” but arguably it should be “eating out”!

Take one box of store cupboard items that are versatile enough to be used a few ways each; mustard, mayonnaise, cocoa, peanut butter, honey, marmite, ketchup.

Between all of these you have various choices what to put on bread or [Read on…]

Speedy supper: ciabatta pizza with salami and chilli pesto

I paired these two ingredients last week in my cichette Venetian style appetisers. Since I had a fair bit of each ingredient left they resurfaced in last night’s supper, a speedy tray of ciabatta mini pizzas.

Ciabatta keeps for a good week unopened in the fridge. I often buy a loaf if [Read on…]

Huevos rancheros with Gran Luchito

I foxed my husband on Saturday. He said “what’s for lunch” and I replied in an enthusiastic faux Spanish accent, huevos rancheros.

My husband doesn’t speak Spanish, nor for that matter do I.

[Read on…]

Restaurant Review: Bush Hall Dining Rooms

Review previously published as Back to the Bush at Maison Cupcake

Deepest darkest Shepherds Bush will always have a place in my heart: we lived there for eight happy years. Our returning there from Walthamstow is rare. So an invitation to review Bush Hall Dining Rooms was an ideal opportunity to [Read on…]

Cooling down with hot guacamole

Cooling down with hot guacamole…. Bought guacamole can be a lacklustre experience, whereas I’ll accept shop bought hummus (my own is better if available) I really can’t stick shop bought guacamole.

The slightest tinge of grey from the avocado really turns me off so only fresh will do. Finding avocados just how I like [Read on…]

Padron peppers… oh how I love thee

I ate these at a blog event recently although I’ve been racking my brains which one it was. Then I spent a weekend with Helen who served them as an appetiser. They’re kind of addictive.

If you’ve never heard of padrun peppers then I urge you to seek them out, they’re currently around [Read on…]

Lemon yogurt tahini dressing

Lemon yogurt is one of my favourite flavours because it’s flexible to use in non-sweet dishes as well as more obviously dessert or breakfast.

I have marinated chicken in lemon yogurt to great effect and during the current heat wave we have enjoyed a cooling salad dressing made from Muller Light Greek Style lemon [Read on…]

Smoked salmon potato salad with hearts of palm

This is the potato salad I made using the dill and rapeseed mayonnaise in my last post.

I was wondering how to use this can of hearts of palm shown below and read on the side that it went well with smoked fish. I tend to keep a wallet of smoked salmon in [Read on…]

Fridge diving dessert: peach and raspberry galettes

Take one peach that’s been sat in the fridge so long you’re sick of the sight of it (even though there’s nothing actually wrong with it) one narrow strip of left over puff pastry (from Charlotte’s courgette tart) and half a dozen raspberries out of the garden.

Cut the puff pastry into circles with [Read on…]