Speedy Suppers: The New Blog Event for 30 Minute Meals


Drumming up dinner one night it occurred to me there was a gap in the blog event calendar for food fixed up in flash.

So after a quick chat with my blog buddy Katie at Feeding Boys we dreamt up Speedy Suppers, a new blog event for meals made in under 30 minutes.

How to enter Speedy Suppers


Speedy Suppers runs from 1st month to 29th with full round ups of all entrants who have mentioned the challenge in their newly published post.


Speedy Suppers will kick off being hosted in alternate months by myself at Dinner With Crayons and Katie at Feeding Boys.


Blog any speedy supper or family meal. We don’t mind so much what time of day you eat it, more so that your dish only takes 30 minutes or less to prepare. Please display the Speedy Suppers badge in the post with a link to that month’s announcement and both hosts, myself and Katie.

Short cuts and cook ahead elements are actively encouraged i.e. using sauces, frozen food, left over bits and pieces as a component. So long as assembling/the bit where you actually cook it takes under 30 minutes that’s fine. Add the URL of your post to the linky below. This a blog hop so feel free to add the code to your own post so your readers can admire the entries received so far.

Nitty gritty:

Please be mindful of copyright, we don’t mind if you’ve adapted something from elsewhere or you made it from scratch. But if you submit something found online or in a book, just tell us where you found it.

One picture from each post submitted will be use in the round up, these pictures may also be shared on social media to spread the word about this event i.e. Pinterest, Google Plus etc etc. If you object to pictures submitted being shared elsewhere then please drop me an email.

We don’t mind you submitting your entry elsewhere to other challenges but please be mindful of other events’ rules.

We will try to retweet any posts using #speedysuppers that @ mention @maisoncupcake or @cookingkt

rocket and walnut farfalle


So my first speedy supper is…

Rocket and Walnut Farfalle with Creamy Aubergine and Garlic Sauce
Serves 3-4

200g dried farfalle pasta
1/2 jar antipasti aubergine pieces in oil (mine were from Morrison’s own brand range)
100g low fat soft white cheese with garlic and herbs
generous handful of rocket leaves
generous handful of walnut pieces
a few sliced tomatoes for colour


Boil the pasta in a large saucepan until al dente.

Meanwhile use a hand blender or similar to blitz the aubergines and low fat soft cheese until smooth.

Drain the pasta and mix with the creamy cheese and aubergine.

Serve immediately in bowls whilst scattering and folding rocket leaves and walnut pieces. Add tomatoes if you wish.

Easily served inside 20 minutes.


Add your speedy supper dish to the linky below! Don’t forget this is a blog hop so feel free to add the code to your own site and encourage your own readers to take part. 

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Don’t forget if you have something swift and sweet or pudding like you can enter it into Dead Easy Desserts over at Maison Cupcake which has been extended until Feb 29th after a late start in mid January!

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