Smokey cheese and parsnip mash #creditcrunchmunch #shoplocal #fromagehomage

Cheesy parsnip mash - easy vegetable side #kids #menus #winter

Two ingredient recipes, we like those don’t we?

Cheesy parsnip mash - easy vegetable side #kids #menus #winter

I saw a smoked cheese challenge but discovered my supermarket only sold one variety – which was the same one everyone else was using.

Wanting to be a bit different I remembered two local Turkish shops sold lots of smoked cheese, it must be popular in Turkey.

I’m never sure what to do about the rind, it seems to be edible rather than wax but I wasn’t taking any chances so trimmed it off.

Cheesy parsnip mash - easy vegetable side #kids #menus #winter

I’d also bagged some marked down parsnips. I initially intended to roast these with Sunday lunch but got distracted parboiling them so they ended up as mash instead.

Cheesy parsnip mash - easy vegetable side #kids #menus #winter

So yes that’s simply parsnips mashed up and you let the smoked cheese melt into it whilst they’re still hot. No need to add butter but I did give them a sneaky grind of salt and pepper. A dead easy alternative to mashed potatoes. I didn’t tell Ted they were parsnips, I didn’t want to give him the opportunity to object and he gobbled them up without any problem!

Credit-Crunch-Munch.gif Cheesey2_zps85113bab.jpg ShopLocal.jpg

This dish being made with reduced parsnips and locally bought smoked cheese is being entered into Credit Crunch Munch, organised by Helen and Camilla and this month hosted by Dinner With Crayons i.e. me;

Being sent to Cheese Please organised by Fromage Homage, this month with the themed “smoked cheese” and also to

Shop Local by Elizabeth’s Kitchen as the cheese was bought in a local independent shop.

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